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Sean Devins

Sean Devins

After seeing his first concert, Motley Crue. Sean was amazed and in awe of drummer Tommy Lee. It was at that moment he knew he wanted to be a drummer. After begging his parents to buy him a drum set he promised them he would practice daily religiously. After being in many bands he was asked to join TRIPLESHIFT. After disbanding in 2009, Sean wanted to continue to play the Kansas City music scene. In early 2010 Sean found 2 amazing guitar players, Joe Pluff and Aubrey Jones. Vocalist Adam Montgomery joined shortly after and bass player Aaron Heard rounded out to create the band For The Broken.

For The broken has had the opportunity to open for Adler’s Appetite, Wayland, Chevelle, L.A. Guns, P.O.D., Drowning Pool, and Mark Tremonti. Check them out at and

Sean considers it a blessing every time he gets to play his drums. Whether it be practicing or in front of a live audience! Also Sean recently has been working with Funky Munky Music and Artist/Sales Rep Larry Maples with their Soultone Drum Clinics once a month!