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Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker was born in the rural community of Fort Scott, Kansas in 1975. The oldest of four sons, Scott’s love affair with the drums began at the age of four when after much begging and pleading, he received his first drum set for Christmas. Scott played along to countless records in his childhood home until his middle school music teacher recognized his gift for drums and made arrangements for Scott to attend a drum instruction program for musically gifted children at Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas. This university sponsored program provided Scott with the musical foundation he needed and Scott participated in the drum instruction and music theory offered by Professor Robert Laushman from age 11 through 16.

Scott began playing drums on a more professional level at age 15, spending three summers traveling with the Red Garter Saloon, a country music based musical theater that traveled throughout the central US. Throughout college, Scott played in a number of bands playing a wide variety of music to help pay the bills but, the next break didn’t come until Scott got the job playing drums for Nashville recording artist Doug Davis in 1999. Doug Davis provided Scott with the opportunity to travel throughout the country in support of his World 2 Entertainment record, Wheels. This marked the first time in Scott’s career he was able to make living exclusively playing drums and from that project on, Scott has never looked back.

Scott’s current project, Adam Dean and Chrome has kept him very busy playing throughout the central US and Texas since its inception in 2002. Scott also supplements his schedule with a fairly active teaching practice offering drum set instruction to 12 to 15 students. Additionally, when his touring schedule with Adam Dean and Chrome allows, Scott is an in demand worship drummer for several large congregations in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Scott Tucker has been a proud endorser of Spaun Drum Company since 2001 and has endorsed Vintage Logo drum heads since 2003. Scott recently became a member of the Soultone Cymbal family and the change has been remarkable. “They are the most musical cymbals I have ever played. Iki and the Soultone staff are making the best sounding cymbals in the industry. If you want unique, musical, instantly recognizable cymbal sounds, Soultone can give it to you.”

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