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Scott Munkres

British Teeth / The Takers

Scott Munkres is a hard hitting rock drummer out of the Pacific Northwest. He currently drums for bands: The Takers & British Teeth. Born and raised in Bellingham, Washington Scott started drumming at 3 years old on pots and pans and anything he could find that made a good thump sound. At 9 got his first Xmas kit from “Sears” and by 10 had graduated to a Black Ludwig Vista-lite 5-piece. Instead of lessons he practiced almost every day to the radio, parents records, and later to bands like Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Heart, Foreigner, & Van Halen to mention just a few. Some of his biggest drumming influences were drummers Vinnie Appice, Cozy Powell, Bill Ward, John Bonham, Alex Van Halen, Terry Bozzio, Christoph Schneider, and so many others. Since moving back to his hometown of Bellingham, Washington from the Los Angeles area, Scott's been in numerous locally well known original & cover bands over the years.

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