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Ghost Like This

Born August 16, 1970, Scott Allen Beguin began drumming at the early age of 8. He

knew at a ripe and early age that he wanted to play drums for a living. His early

drumming influences include Buddy Rich, Sandy Nelson, The Beatles, Frank Zappa,

Terry Bozzio, Billy Cobham, Bill Bruford, and Neil Peart. Scott began playing

professionally at age 15. Scott’s High School band instructors were Jan McDonald and

Richard Weber. Scott attended Hollywood’s Musician’s Institute, Percussion Institute of

Technology (PIT), from 1987 to 1988. His core curriculum instructors at PIT included

Steve Houghton, Chuck Flores, Gary Hess, Effrain Toro, Chuck Silverman, Enzo

Tedesco, Joe Porcaro, Ralph Humphrey, Casey Schurell, and Joey Heredia. Visiting

faculty at Musician’s Institute also included Terry Bozzio, Alex Acuna, Dave Samuels,

and Chad Wackerman. This solidified Scott’s enthusiasm and forged a path in a music

career. During 1990-91, Scott performed and toured with Albuquerque’s Prolific Red,

White, and Black during the post punk grunge era. Since 1993, Scott has continued to

perform with various artists, compose, record, and maintaining proficiency in the arts of

drumming and music. Scott’s musical influences include Amadeus Mozart, John

Williams, Gustav Holst, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, XTC, Steve Vai,

Mahavishnu Orchestra, Helmut, Killing Joke, Nirvana, Stuck Mojo, Henry Rollins, Jello

Biafra, MDC, Miles Davis, David Sanchez, Obo Addy, Mickey Hart, The Clash, Blue

Meanies, Fishbone, Skankin’ Pickle, and Frank Zappa.

In 2002, Scott was in an unfortunate bicycle accident that put him in a coma for several

days. He fortunately was wearing a helmet. As a result, he lost his left side coordination

and had to re-learn how to play the drums. It was a long and hard road to 100% recovery,

but knowing how to read music, and the support from loved ones, accelerated the healing


Getting back on track with life, in 2006, Scott, with bassist Kevin W. Tyler, and

guitarist Kay-Ta Matsuno (Quattrosound), formed the band Cactipus, and recorded their

first demo CD with award winning producer Dino Maddalone, a week later. Scott has

also played gigs with Ramon Bermudez, Eric McFadden, John Rangel, Justin Bransford,

Justin Shandor, Edward Clendening, Red House, Ari Langer, Kevin Paez, Wyatt

Maxwell, Phil Arnold, Ed Torrez, Ken Johnson, Don Miller, Jan McDonald, Ryan Finn,

Johnny Broomdust, The Gluey Brothers, Red White and Black, Treadmill, Jim Ziomack,

Dave Scribner, Dave Yard, Angry Babies, James Whiton, Boo Koo, DK

and the Affordables, and Albuquerque and Four Corners Pipes and Drums Scottish pipe


Scott currently plays with Ghost Like This, and The Marcos Cavalcante and Scott

Beguin Ensemble, Daniele Spadavaccia, Shea Freedom, and The Partizani Brass Band. Scott has also been teaching drums professionally for twenty

years. Scott has also taught percussion at the prestigious Hummingbird Music Camp in

Jemez Springs, New Mexico. Scott currently endorses Bone Custom Drums, Soultone

Cymbals, and Rich Sticks. When playing his drums, Scott enjoys martial arts, rock and

ice climbing, nature, bow hunting, fly fishing, photography, cooking, cycling, and his


My Soultone Set: 

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