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Scott Bailey

I have been fortunate over the past 30 years to be able to play with some very artistic and musical people. Since a very early age I heard the sounds of my surrounding Eastern North Carolina home. From, Country, Southern Gospel, Rock n Roll, Pop, R & B and Contemporary Christian. I would listen to them unknowing at the time this would give me the edge to become one to the most versatile drummers in the area. I was very inspired by Buddy Rich. Growing up in the 80’s when the more drums you had the better was the style; Buddy Rich could do much more with just a 4-piece kit. So I began to study music, not just reading it but by hearing it and being pulled into its influence at a very young age.

Traveling in the 80’s and 90’s gave me a chance to open up for a lot of popular rock groups. This was a hard road but I was able to learn what I needed to survive in the music business for so long. From the mid 90’s to present I have been focusing on God’s Music, recording and playing with Southern Gospel and Christian Rock bands. Currently I have been off the road teaching, recording, clinics and producing locally. Again, I would like to thank you for taking the time to check out my website. I hope to see or hear from you soon. Until then May God Bless.

My Soultone Set: 

18" Crash "Custom"
13" Crash "Gospel"
15" Crash "Gospel"
16" Crash "Custom"
20" Ride "Extreme"
13" Hi Hats "Extreme"