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Saulo Benedetti

Saulo Benedetti

Saulo's passion for drums started when he was a teenager. Being influenced by friends and family, he started playing Punk Rock, Rock'n'Roll and Heavy Metal drums, as he also started searching for drum teachers in his town in São Paulo, Brazil.

"Beggining to play in bands and sharing the energy with other musicians or even amateur instrumentists, inspired me a lot to continue playing and I just never stopped playing the drums since then."

At first playing for fun with several bands of Rock'n'Roll, Thrash/Death Metal and Southern Rock, Saulo, age 17, joined the band Odius, a crossover of Death/Thrash metal and Hardcore music with a more serious purpose.

"The band in that time had name changes (Vital Illusion was one of those), we had the opportunity of sharing stages with much respected bands from the Brazilian Metal scene."

When the band broke up some years ago, Saulo had started and then quit History college and decided to take drum classes with Henrique Mérida (in São João da Boa Vista - SP), then was suddenly invited to join his current band Desecrated Sphere.

"The experience of knowing these guys and get in touch with extremely brutal and fast music, made me develop a lot faster my skills and techniques, and now with Soultone cymbals I'm really glad to have this opportunity to improve my sound while creating a very clear and professional style for my drumming".

Saulo, today 21y.o., studies with drummer Fernando Miglinski in his hometown (Pinhal-SP), and plays drums for Desecrated Sphere. "A new Desecrated Sphere album for 2013 and an European Tour are coming up, and I want to keep my eyes wide open to all musical styles to continue on this path of progressive, and, at the same time, extreme music, mixing my current experience with others styles of music".