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Satria Wilis

Satria Wilis, a 25 years old drummer from Jakarta, Indonesia. Started to drum in 2007. Self-taught and never take a lesson makes him struggling in learning how to play the drum, but that's how he grows up, learning by doing. In 2008, he started to focusing on become an independence and studio drummer, and since then, he's been worked in 5 studios and played for more than 75 band/solo artist (regional and national).

In order to make himself become more recognized by people, in April 2010 Satria started my Youtube channel and posted his drum covers. He always try to make all of his covers professionally, he take, edit, mixed, and mastered all of his covers. Thanks to his covers, Satria started to get a chance to play on tour with several national artists in my country.

And the most important thing, his covers made Satria become one of Soultone cymbals big family, and he's so proud of it. Please check out his Youtube channel and follow him on twitter and facebook.

1. CLONE - Kisah yang tak Indah - 2008

2. The Mimo – Dis-order - 2008

3. Sound Anthem Territorial - Neraka Jahanam - 2009

4. DeFacto(ELECTROMORE) - BOYS - 2011

5. AVAindonesia - THE ONE – 2012