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Born on 21st June 1992 from the Southwest of the UK, Sam has been playing the drums since he was 12 years old. His style mostly based on one of his favourite genres which is Pop Punk but is known to experiment in heavier style's such as Grunge and Hardcore. In his earlier music days he was a founding member of a local band known as The Olive Theory which lasted for 5 years, having released an LP and a follow up EP. After The Olive Theory disbanded, Sam then went on to fill in and then eventually become the bands new drummer of A Pop Punk Band known as Record Low, having recorded a Single and an Album with the band until they disbanded in 2019. During his time with Record Low, Sam worked with another band called Burnt Tounges only releasing a Single and a Self Titled EP, until the band disbanded in mid 2018. Sam took a break from writing original content and worked with an up and coming cover band Called Suns Of Saturn, who performs around the Southwest of The UK and supported local bands and even opened up for a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. After parting ways with Suns Of Saturn, Sam Chard has decided to rekindle his love with the genre which has inspired him for many years and form a new Pop Punk band Called Start The Sirens, A mixture of rock with a sweet flavour of Pop Punk.

In Sam's downtime he also makes cover videos and collaboration series on his Youtube Channel.

My Soultone Set: 

18” Custom Brilliant Crash
17”Custom Brilliant Crash
14”Custom Brilliant Hi-Hats
22”Custom Brilliant Ride

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