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Sam has been a professional drummer and percussionist for over 18 years. Throughout his career, Sam has collaborated with many fine international and local musicians including Tito Puente, Jaime, Mariano, Sonja and Ricardo Morales-Matos from Puerto Rico. Other great musicans I’ve had the pleasure to work with are: Paoli Mejias, Steve Guasch, Julio Jauregui, Carlos Cascante, Joe De Jesus, Maelo Ruiz and Johnny Conga. He has also toured with the band Nueva Era, a beloved Salsa band known for its high energy and musicianship.
Sam studied percussion at Indiana University and played Latin Jazz under the direction of Mariano Morales and Dr. David Baker. He continues to hone his craft studying with Afro-Cuban All Stars drummer, Calixto Oviedo Mulens.
These days, Sam can be seen playing with Buena Vibra (Seattle)., Somewhere In Between and many other local musicians in the Northwest.
I am happy to announce that last year I recorded on Johnny Conga CD Oye! That CD won Northwest Earshot Recording of the year. Fans from all over the world voted for this award.

My Soultone Set: 

15" Hi Hats "Vintage"
9" Splash "Vintage"
17" Crash "Vintage"
20" Crash/Ride "Vintage Old School" 1964
16" Crash "Vintage"
19" Natural Crash/Ride

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