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Sacha-Viken Poulain

Sacha-VikenPoulain is a French drummer from Paris. He started drums at the age of 16 at Dante Agostini's school in Nantes.
He pursued at the same school in Paris, then entered at Erik Satie Conservatory to learn jazz drumming.

At the beginning he played in funk/rock and jazz/funk bands and was a side man for AlvyZamƩ (The Voice France 2015) and Alex Copler (Rising Star France 2014).
He also played for a rock/psychedelic band, BLAAK HEAT, as a drummer replacement and percussionist during their summer tour in 2017.
(Sonic Blast in Portugal, Woolstock in Netherlands, Emerald Haze in Ireland and Supersonic in France)
Now Sacha-Viken is part of three bands with very different styles:

LE CHA is a groove/pop band who plays often at Les Disquaires in Paris, they have released two EPs ("LE CHA" 2018 and "Attrapez-le tous" 2020)
A new album will soon be released.

SWEAT AND TEARS, a cover band playing at The Guinness Tavern in Paris twice a month.

ABRAHMA a metal band very influenced by stoner and progressive rock, scheduled to play at HELLFEST and MOTOCULTOR festival in 2020.
Instagram @abrahmaofficial
Instagram @viken_pl

My Soultone Set: 

24" Natural Prototype With White Logo Crash/Ride
19" Natural Prototype With White Logo Crash/Ride
16" Natural Prototype With White Logo China
15" Natural Prototype With White Logo Hi Hats
17" Vintage Old School Crash
14" Vintage Old School 1964 Hi Hats
20" Vintage Old School 1964 Ride
16" FXO 6 Effect Crash