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Rylan Dackerman

Rylan Dackerman

Lucky to have my step dad as a drummer, growing up his Ludwig acrylic set was usually available for me to mess around on. My mom got me some lessons through our old church drummer when I was about 9. After a month or two I got tired of sheet work and the slow moving pace. I quit lessons and have been self taught ever since. I joined a garage band in high school which turned into the band I play drums for currently. I've had the pleasure of playing with Arsonist get all the girls, Lionheart, Adestria, Adahlia, Suffokate, Sovereign Strength, and Goliath to name a handful. I have to thank my family for being a huge support in my drumming career. They are responsible for where I'm at today and where I'm going tomorrow thank you.

Shout out to Josh Slater for introducing me to Soultone!

My Soultone Set: 

Custom brilliant 14" hats
Custom brilliant 17" crash
Custom brilliant 16" china
Gospel 18" crash
FXO 17" china