RYAN DONALDSON | SoultoneCymbals.com



Born just outside of Boston Massachusetts, Ryan grew up loving music to endless degrees! His early days started out as a guitar player but was always a drummer at heart. At age 13 Ryan got his first taste of hardcore punk, oi, and ska music. Being lucky enough to grow up seeing so many great Boston bands really gave inspiration of all styles of music!

The mid to late 90's brought Ryan to Florida for a change which led to hours on end of practicing. All that time wood shedding really paid off!

Ryan plays 100's of shows a year, plus touring, sessions and fill in gigs. Having been the on call drummer at Atlas studios, and done recording at Morris Sound in Tampa. 2010 brings new changes, just moved back to Boston to further his career as a drummer! Ryan has just joined "THE SNIPES", a great solid band on the rise! Playing shows all around the north east, sharing the stage with national acts and becoming a crowd pleaser!

Ryan credits huge inspiration to JACK IRONS, MACKIE JAYSON, and MAX ROACH.

" Soultone has really out done themselves!!! They really care about the artist, and the quality can not be beat!!! I play so many different demanding styles and they are perfect for every situation!!!"