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Ruben Darío Alarcón Gonzalez

Ruben Darío Alarcón Gonzalez

Ruben was born in Manizales, Colombia. Ruben has been playing the drums since he was 15 years. He has a barchelot degree in music of Caldas University, he is drummer professor since 1998.

He has taken part in several jazz festival and also some bands like a walking jazz big band, Miguel Angel Lous Quartet, Free-tanga jazz Quartet, Cuarteto Colombiano de Clarinetes among others.

He has been playing the drums in Colombian music festivals like Bolero Festival, Corno Festival and sevijazz festival. In 2006 and 2007 he took part in song festival and rock festival.

He has been playing the drums of different national and international artist like David Ascanio, Valdemar Rodriguez, Gonzalo Teppa, Alfredo de la fé, Ilona, Jorge Najarro, Mauricio Mejia, Andres Briceño, Joel Marquéz, Linda Briceño, Juan Carlos Coronel, Diego Galé, Maria Martha Serralima among others.

Actually he is researching Colombian rhythms adapted in a drumset.

He participed in some classes with a lot of masters like Ernesto Simpson, Victor Bastidas, Andres Briceño, Dave Weckl, Samuel Torres, Diego Galé. Also he participed in some jazz camp directed by “The Matthew Mcdonald Jazz Quartet” of Julliard School of music of New York in 2007; Christopher Kozak and Jonathan Noffsinger professors in The Alabama University in 2008; Randall Haywood, Tom McEvoy, Ryan Hayden in 2009; Frank Kimbrough professor of the Julliard School of Music of New York in 2010 and Barry Stephenson, Sam Wiseman and Allen L. Dejan Jr. in 2011.