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Ron Marsh

Ron Marsh

Tonic Immobility/Dormiveglia/Independent

My name is Ron Marsh. For as young as I can remember, I always wanted to play drums, constantly tapping on any surface around me, disrupting my classes. I finally got my first drum kit when I was 11, and from then on was when a new chapter of my life started. I played alone, just learning songs from my favorite bands, until eventually years later, I was writing my own songs with a band I have been playing with for since June 2011, Tonic Immobility. It gave me new life, and just wanted more, I’ve worked with multiple projects in North Carolina and am proud to have been a part of each of them. I also play for a band called Dormiveglia, and it was there that I could take my creativity in writing to a different level. I’ve met many people, and made great friends that I would have otherwise never met if it had not been for that first drum kit, and I’ll be forever thankful for it!

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