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Roger Gower Jr

Roger Gower Jr


Born: March 6, 1963
Place: Dumas, Texas
Hometown: Amarillo, Texas
Current City: Nashville, TN
Hobbies: PLAYING DRUMS, Umpiring Baseball and Softball, Social Networking, Cooking
Band: Johnny Collier and the Misbehaviators,
Facebook @johnnycollier - Twitter @TweetWithJC
Lakeshore Christian Church Praise Team
Experience: Playing since Freshman year in High School
About Me: Adore my new bride Christina!! You lovingly encourage and support my talent! I.LOVE.YOU! and friends, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, sharing the talent I'm so
richly blessed with, practicing, rehearsing and of course live performances, traveling,
Renaissance Fairs, dressing up renaissance attire, movies and being married!
Kits - DW Collectors Series SSC Blue Diablo Flames Black Nickel Hardware 4 Piece
22 x 18 Bass Drum - Evans Emad2 Batter - Custom Evans Resonant Front
16 x 14 Floor Tom - Evans G2 Batter G1 Resonant
12 x 9 Rack Tom - Evans G2 Batter G1 Resonant
14 x 6 Edge Snare - Evans HD Dry Batter Snare Side 300
Hardware - DW 9000 Series Rack with Snare Basket, Round Airlift Throne w/Backrest
DW 9000 Series Double Bass and HiHats Pedals,
Promark Rebound and Forward Active Grip 5A sticks

My Soultone Set: 

Extreme Series :
21" Ride
14" HiHats
Gospel Series :
19" Crash
17" Crash
10" Splash
Effect Crash:
FXO 15" 12
NOA Cymbal Pack:
13" HiHats
16" Crash
19" Ride/Crash
Custom Brilliant Series:
15" Crash