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RJ Singleton

RJ Singleton


Born in Detroit but raised in southern Florida, RJ has been playing various instruments all his life. According to his mother, he started playing drums early but made an odd switch to violin for several years and then guitar for about seventeen. His first band, “Never Surrender” had him fumbling through the lead guitar role but helped fuel the fire for years to come. Guitar continued to be the main instrument for many years and, in 1993, he landed a lead guitar spot in the South Florida Metal band “Silent Scream”.

The drums came back a bit later in his musical career. After moving to the Boise valley in 1995, he was an original member of “Collin's Dream” and then later a co-founder of the international act “Pandoras Box” working as a drummer and multi-instrumentalist plus, helping record and co-produce the first album. Years later, he was an original member of the Northwest regional acts “Thoughtless People” and “Time 4 Change”.

From there, RJ became a gun-for-hire of sorts working in the cover band field with local Boise acts and also with Gruntwerks Production as a musician-for-hire in the “Summer of Love” and Denae Gardner projects. A move to Oregon in 2009 continued that tradition with the bands; “Sonic Storm”, “Manic Mechanics”, “The Weekenders” and various other fill-in projects and recordings along the way. He currently works with the bands “Back Again” and “Storm”. Recently, RJ signed on with 80’s metal legends Q5 as they gear up for a European tour.

His drumming influences run all over the place. From, Kenny Aronoff, Tommy Aldridge, John Bonham and Jeff Porcaro to Lars Ulrich, Neil Peart, Steve Adler and Tommy Lee.

RJ endorses Soultone Cymbals and Majestick Drumsticks.


My Soultone Set: 

14” Extreme Hi Hat Bottom
14” Natural Prototype Hi Hat Top
16” Natural Prototype Crash
17” Explosion Crash
18” Explosion Crash
22” Extreme Heavy Ride (Custom hammered)
16” China FXO 6