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Rick O’Connell

Rick O’Connell

From San Jose, California, Rick O’Connell is a Bay Area drummer playing since the early 80’s. Influences range from Toto (Jeff Porcaro and Simon Phillips era) to Dream Theater. Primarily playing orchestral percussion through high school into college drumming had to take a back seat as his career in nursing became the priority in his life as well as starting a family.

In recent years the drums have called him back, reuniting with long time friends in the Bay Area music scene. A call to sit in with Bill Lonero, Stevie Loveless and Andrew Saman, led to the invitation to be the drummer for the Royal Rebels, a band dubbed a “Bay Area supergroup” by SoundwavesTV. The Royal Rebels formed in the summer of 2019 and are releasing their debut, self-titled album in March of 2021.

Rick established a relationship with Soultone cymbals in February of 2021 and enjoys using a variety of cymbals in a unique configuration, employing the “open-handed” technique. Keep an eye and ear out for upcoming work from the Royal Rebels on social media sites and streaming services.



My Soultone Set: 

21" Extreme Ride
14" Explosion Hi Hats
15" Explosion Hi Hats
17" Explosion Crash
18" Explosion Crash
18" Custom Crash
18" Explosion China

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