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Rick Batyr

Rick Batyr

Rick Batyr’s journey as a drummer began when he was just a toddler. At the age of two he would jam to anything that was playing on the radio. His drum kit back then consisted of suitcases, tables, pillows, pots, pans, and any other objects that he was able to get a percussive sound out of. Both friends and family alike quickly noticed that this little boy had a natural talent. At the age of nine Rick was given his first real set of drums and his life was forever changed.

Rick’s musical versatility developed at a young age. In his early teens he would throw on headphones, put on a random radio station, and jam along to anything that was playing. It was the radio that exposed Rick to various styles of drumming and inspired him to further develop his talent.

Rick obsessively read drum magazines and instructional books and was an avid viewer of drummer DVDs. By the age of fifteen Rick joined his first band writing music and playing live shows. He went on to study corps drums in his high school band and met fellow drummer Elliot Hoffman (Car Bomb, Spooge). Elliot introduced Rick to the exciting world of jazz, fusion and progressive music. Rick would incessantly dissect licks from drummers such as Vinnie Colliutta, Terry Bozzio, Trilok Gurtu, Horatio Hernandez, Steve Smith, et al. At the age of seventeen, Rick was playing songs by artists such as Rush, Frank Zappa, Dream Theater and Chick Corea.

After graduating from recording and production school Rick went on to work in various studios throughout Manhattan as a session drummer, writer, and producer. He collaborated on various projects for Spike TV, MTV, and Def Jam.

Rick is currently playing in an up and coming band, Distance In Spades. The band is soon to record a full-length album followed by a Northeast tour. He also continues to do studio sessions and produces bands and hip-hop artists in his spare time.