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Rene Cervantes

Rene Cervantes

CIMA Praise Band,Independent,Instructor

Born 20 October 1977, San Diego California, USA, Performer, instructor in San Diego, Lemon
Grove California and Mexico. Began playing in 1993, during High school. Rene played in church for the
fist time in a Assemblies of God church due to lack of musicians. Started studying with teacher Dennis
Mauricio, in the Music Tech ensemble along Frankie J, and Vico David. Recorded in 1994 in school
studio. Played in a South San Diego local band “F ire First” in 1995 . Started to develop musical influences
such as Dennis chambers, Neil Peart, and Steve Gadd.

In 1996, Cervantes began musical preparation in the hand of family members in the industry.
Began playing in “casa de Oracion Band” in a new journey of gospel music. During this time, rock and
funk music were hitting hard in the Christian musical enviroment. Began teaching beginning drums at King
Music in l998. Also played in different church projects around Tijuana Mexico, Ensenada Mexico,
Mexicali Mexico and Los Angeles California. During the teaching period, he had a list Ot 7 diferent
students on a daily basis.

In the year 2003 he began a rock band by the name of “blue cluster clash” in San Marcos
California. This only lasted 6 months due to a band Vehicle accident. Members and the band tried to
keep up yet the musical inlluences were not matching. Cervantes Played J azz, Rock, Funk, and pop music,
yet Mexican regional Was not a genre he wanted to play. Bluegrass is the rhythm that is similar t0 the
nortenio Mexican music, but not in his preference. He later learned that as a teacher' he needed to
implement new rhythm and patterns to his educational Card. Adding Mexican bolero, Nortenio, brasilian
Samba and Bosa nova, Cervantes became a more fuller rhythmic drummer.

Cervantes returned t0 home church in 2011 to CIMA church. Cima is a Hispanic Church as Well
as a Christian music school. Soon he became the Main drummer to the CIMA Praise Band. In 2012 he
played in concerts with the Cima Band along, Artist Abel Brito, Jairo Torrez, JD Mora band, and Omar
Lopez. During 2013 Rene Became an independent drummer Playing in different bands and performing
drum clinics at King music school. Charles King, owner of l:he king school, states friendship and
professionalism to Cervantes credit.

Of an original persuasion (music tech ensemble)1994
Repeat after me (Blue Cluster c}ash)2003

My Soultone Set: 

16" Crash "Custom"
13" Hi Hats "Custom"
20" Ride "Extreme"
18" FX "FXO 12"
10" splash
8" splash
17" china