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Renato Valenzuela

Renato Valenzuela

Renato Valenzuela was Born on November 12 in Juarez Mexico. Renato started playing drums at the age of 12 with a pair of sticks and some shoe boxes and pillows until his father got him his first used drum and since then it hasn’t stopped. He got his first new drums at 13 and started to play for his Church. Renato played with the worship team and youth worship team and also with few local christian bands like Shabac and Fuego Liquido. He also played for the christian artists Jesus Adrian Romero, Marcos Chavira and the youth ministry called Vision Juvenil for a few years.

Currently Renato play the drums every Sunday in Vino Nuevo El Paso; his Church at El Paso Texas and also he plays and travel around Mexico and the US with the Christian men ministry called “De Hombre a Hombre”.

The “De Hombre a Hombre” ministry band has released their new CD/DVD album called “Me Levantare” under the christian label Vastago Productions in which Renato played live and recorded on studio.

Renato’s drum influence just to name a few are Victor Loyo, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jeff Porcaro, Jonathan Moffet, John JR Robinson, Mauricio Claveria and Rudy Sanchez.