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Remey Williams

Remey Williams

Ma Soul, Darius COlemand and the DC Singers, and Teeya Skipper

A life without music is not a life worth living according to Remey Williams, a rising producer, lyricist and vocalist. As the son of Jimmy Williams, bass player for the legendary R&B group the O’Jays, Remey has grown to develop an undying passion for performing soulful music that connects to audiences both young and old. On a college campus in the middle of an Ohio cornfield, Remey realized his ability to recognize the music ability in others and became a catalyst in heightening their potential. Ma Soul Entertainment was formed as a result; allowing Remey to take the role as both an entertainer and producer. Since his journey began, Remey has traveled the nation and has created music tracks for more than 30 artist including R&B vocalist Jill Scott, the Wilberforce University Choir, and Toni Teri. Remey has also played with gospel recording artist Dwayne Woods, Maurice Griffin, Darius Coleman and The Dc Singers, and Keith Williams

My Soultone Set: 

20" Ride Vintage
18" Gospel Crash
12" Hi Hats Custom Brilliant
16" FXO 6B3