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R.B. King

R.B. King

Passion Church AZ/ Project 3:27

Born September 3 as Riley B. King in Compton CA. Born in Raised in Compton as the Great-grandson of B.B. King he was named after his Grand Dad, being named after his Grand Dad, left big Shoes for him to fill.
Riley started like most kids drum with whatever he could get his hand on. In elementary school he would use Sticks from a tree as his drum sticks. When he got to Middle school he joined the drumline. By the time he got to High school he had become the center snare and even the caption of the Gardena High Drum Squad. In High School he also started a small record label and even started 2 bands.
2002 He was able to go on Tour with his Granddad.
Riley has been playing the Drums for a long time his Church started him on a drum set they got just for him in 1998. He spent most of his professional Drum lift playing for the Lord as he still does today, but to him it’s nothing like being in front of a Big Crowd.
By 2004 Mr. King was now teaching elementary age kids at Bret Harte in Long beach.
Today Mr. King is the Lead Drummer at Passion Church AZ and is back at it working on A new Band to Give Glory to God.

My Soultone Set: 

20" Abby Ride
18" Abby Crash
16" Abby Crash
14" Abby Hi-Hats
10" FXO 5 Splash
17" Explosion Crash