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Rayner Stefanoline

Rayner Stefanoline

Rayner stefanoline
Birth: 28 October 2004
his drumming talent visible since the age of 4 years, then Ray became a drummer at the anniversary event sister Kaylee stefanoline
age 7 years, Ray started getting into jazz, and performed in several jazz events and other drum competition
Some competitions, Rayner get champion, the most prestigious event of RMB drum competition, he was champion in 2013 and 2014 categories kid & teenager
Rayner also once as the opening event Groove Carnoval with BARRY LIKUMAHUWA PROJECT (one of the famous jazz group in Indonesia
He has also been commented on by Tommy Igoe, Daru Jones while participating drumerica
ray also been jamming dg Rayendra Sunito (drummer of Glenn Fredly is quite famous in Indonesia)
Rayner also cover one Indonesian boyband named CJR
Last achievements
Rayner in regram by Vicfirth and gain more likes on fb 10600 & 3800 likes more in Vicfirth instagram
Another achievement, Rayner ever audition of 5000 people into the top 10 in the event named Uzone Indonesia and judge by Ahmad Dhani (influential musical figures in Indonesia and the world, and Lilo Klakustik (guitarist band Kla Project)
His recent accomplishments:
2014 DMP drum competition 1st winner teen & adult category
2014 3rd winner Indonesia Pearl drum competition
2015 Yamaha Drums 1st winner of adult category for regional competition

genre: jazz, gospel, pop
influence: chris coleman, Nathaniel Townsley, echa Soemantri, samuel rusli (soultone family too)

My Soultone Set: 

12" Gospel China
13" Extreme Hi Hat Pair
18" FXO 6B3 Effect Crash
17" Gospel Crash
14" FXO 6 Effect Crash
8" Extreme Splash
20" Vintage Ride

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