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Ray Fitzgerald

Ray Fitzgerald

I knew I was a drummer long before I could afford my first drum set…..
I began drumming in the summer of 1988 when I acquired my first kit as a high school graduation gift.
Cutting my teeth on what was being played on the radio at the time, (Classic Rock, Heavy Metal and Punk) I performed in numerous projects all over upstate New York and I once opened for Pete Seager at the Clearwater Festival.
Wanting to up my game, I received private instruction from Julliard graduate Chris Carter and enrolled at Orange County Community College studying Percussion and Music Theory, earning an A.A. Degree in 1995.
I am the inventor of a unique drum instruction system and have made brief appearances on Everyday Edisons and American Inventor in support of the device.
In 2017, I recorded three songs with The Sons of a Beach released that spent weeks on the Radio A1A Trop Rock “Trop 40” countdown.
These days I can be found performing in the Finger Lakes Region of New State performing with Seneca Jam and The Sons of a Beach.

I became aware of Soultone cymbals a few years back while attending Billy Martin’s Cole Circus. When I walked into the arena I has hit with a wave of cymbal goodness that floored me. Alex “Da Animal” Hilton was laying down a tasty groove and the way those Custom Brilliant Cymbals sizzled and filled the venue, I knew I had to have them.
I have played in many bands since I began playing in 1988 and have over 70 shows with my two current projects - The Sons of a Beach and Seneca Jam. I can confidently say the Custom Brilliant cymbal line offers exactly the sound I was looking for all those years.

The Sons of a Beach
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheSonsofaBeach
Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/thesonsofabeach
Website : www.thesonsofabeach.com

Seneca Jam
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SenecaJam
Website: www.SenecaJam.com

My Soultone Set: 

18" Custom Brilliant Ride
13" Custom Brilliant Crash
11" Custom Brilliant Splash
10" Custom Brilliant Hi Hats