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Ramon (Pika-Pau) Fernandes

Ramon (Pika-Pau) Fernandes

Ramon Fernandes, better known as Pika-pau, was born and raised in the city of Londrina, located in Northern Paraná in Brazil. It was through his father who since childhood had contact with the music, and the influence doesn't stop there. Later, at the age of 15 years, began to devote himself to play drums professionally, taking classes with local teachers as Vinicius Lordelos formed in the school of music of Tatuí-São Paulo, who helped develop techniques that the stretching of those years has been improving.
Like every musician began with bands of Pop Rock, Punk Rock, however, regional roots spoke louder. With 21 years and more experienced, joined in the sertanejo, working with several double sertanejo of the interior of Parana. Today, dedicated his time to the sertanejo music, both in live performance and recording.
Admired by study and perform the songs as close as possible to the original, was touting its videos on YouTube that his work gained recognition in other corners of the country. Currently, the channel has over 2 million views and is also one of the most accessed both by the quality of audio and video, so it ended up being one of the "Drum Cover" most complete on the internet. This recognition of the work opened many doors in the music business, the drummer makes recording in its studio in Londrina, where performs several recordings and productions for other studios and professionals in the city, region and other States.
The drummer Currently work with country duo Marcus and Dalto, making concerts in many events by Brazil, beyond the Soultone Cymbals, the drummer and be endorsed by the Store Music Tenda Musical and K.A Drum Brasil.

Music Store Tenda Musical – www.tendamusical.com.br
K.A DrumBrasil - www.kadrumbrasil.com.br

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