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Rafael Arias "el chino"

Rafael Arias "el chino"

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Rafael Arias better known as "el chino" Born October 18, 1989 in El Tigre, Anzoátegui, Venezuela, started in the world of music from an early age, influenced by his two brothers musicians, at the age of 5 he began studying the guitar. At 7 years old he began to study the battery through courses and facilitators, and at age 9 becomes chief musician a Christian church playing guitar and drums.

Rafael was more excited by to study music and At age 12 she joined FESNOJIV (State Foundation for the National System of Youth and Children's Orchestras of Venezuela) in OSJIT (Youth Symphony Orchestra) under the oboist teacher direction "Angel Luis Cabrera" in what he undertakes there orchestral classical percussion studies with master "Juan Carlos Pacheco" Rafael next year becomes a member of the National Youth Orchestra of the tiger, the same year began working as a drummer and percussionist with several Christian bands in the area, accompanied by his brothers.

At 17 years through an audition for the National Youth Orchestra of the Tiger, for his good work in the orchestra earned a scholarship to professionalize its studies the drum and percussion in the Caracas city in CMSB (Conservatory Music Simon Bolívar) With the big masters "Ivan Hernandez" and "Andrés Briceño"

After that period begins working as a percussionist and drummer in important Christian and non-Christian bands including: Republica Virus, La Tropa de Jesus, Jair Medina, La otra banda, Eleazar & band. In the 2009 is called by Elvin Perez "Artist and International Christian minister" to participate in a tour in Venezuela.

Currently Rafael Arias "El Chino" evangelical Christian, drummer of the band (La Otra Banda) "Venezuelan band" he continues his studies and his successful career as a musician, In addition to work performing arrangements and compositions for many bands and artists. . .

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