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Rémi Selosse

Rémi Selosse

Rémi Selosse is a French Drummer born in December, 27th 1989.

He started playing and learning Drums at 6 at Music school. He learned Drums there during 12 years. For almost 8 of them he learned all kind of Music styles, playing in bands and symphonic orchestra as a percussionnist, the same also in high school where he was studying classic Music history. He has always tried to be open minded and works different stuffs, he personally works groove illusions for instance ( that he doesn’t use in Metal)

As he started listening more rock and metal Music he devoted the remaining learning years to ask his teacher to make more rock grooves and techniques. After those ones he was told he didn’t need lessons anymore.

After several bands and many gigs he joined and created Warfaith, a Thrash metal band in 2012 in which he combines all his differents skills of different styles he mixes to play metal .
They recorded one single in 2012, as well as their first EP « Blood And War » in 2013.
But they really gained their own style with their full length album « Wise Man Is Dead » in 2015 which received very good rates that you can read here :


He was endorsed then by Serial Drummer Clothes and Pro Orca Drumsticks ( he has his very own Drumsticks)
They currently are working on a next EP which is due to be out in early 2019, entitled « Pint Of Pils »

Decided to grow and improve in metal techniques especially, as there was no real metal teacher in public school, he decided to take private lessons with two professional drummers he considered the best ones, in both musical and human way combined to their knowledge and skills : Franky Costanza and Nicolas Bastos.

He is now endorsed by Soultone Cymbals and he is particularly found of big sets and chose 3 series :
Heavy Hammered

He asked his personal Mega Bell Ride 22 with the custom logo of Warfaith.

Enceforth he will proudly promote them at every gig coming ( and many are to come !)

Stay connected for more infos to come for the coming EP as well as new drum cams !

My Soultone Set: 

Ride 22 mega Bell Heavy Hammered
Crash 18 Heavy Hammered
China 20 Heavy Hammered
Crash 19 Explosion
China 20 Explosion
Hihats 14 Heavy Hammered and Explosion
Splash 10 fxo
Bell 11 Explosion
FXOB6 20

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