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Brazilian and born in the São Paulo city, Pyu Garcia is a professional drummer for the last 23 years and works also as musician, musical producer and sideman. Pyu has already worked with well known names in Brazilian and International music, such as the Portuguese singer Roberto Leal, American singer John Dukich and the Brazilian country duo Guilherme and Santiago.

He also worked in several Brazilian television broadcast companies, like SBT, BAND and Rede Vida, where Pyu supported many artists from different musical styles: Daniella Mercury, Amado Batista, Nana Caymmi, Vatuzi, Alcione, Altemar Dutra Jr., Daniel, Ivete Sangalo, Eduardo Araujo and others.

Pyu also is part of a project focused on instrumental music called " Três na Bossa" with the guitar players Toninho Cruz, Carlos Paschoal and the trombonist Bocato during the tour Sandstorm.

In 2009 he was invited to compose the musical theme for the trapeze presentation during the DNA tour of Circus de Medrame at Denmark. During 2012 Pyu was member of the group of columnists at "Modern Drummer" magazine, being commissioned to prepare an article about the introduction of drums in the Brazilian country music.

Today Pyu is working is his solo album "DNA" and works in different record studios, having worked with well regarded names in the Brazilian music like the country duos Zezé di Camargo and Luciano, Fernando & Sorocaba, Guilherme and Santiago and the Portuguese singer Roberto Leal.

Beyond his work as professional drummer, Pyu also has some works in the pedagogic arena, teaching drums at "Incident", his own studio at Sao Bernardo do Campo city, in São Paulo state.

In November 2011 Pyu was invited to play the drums with the Finn violinist Vitali Imereli to show John Dukich's new album, " Down in Brazil" at the Trumpets Jazz Club, one of the best jazz clubs of New Jersey. During that show he played and recorded with excellent musicians, like Roy Assaf and Nick Rolf ( piano), Itaiguara Brandão ( bass), Don Branden (sax), Romero Lubambo (guitar), Paul Meyer ( electric guitar) and the Brazilian percussionist Café da Silva.

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