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Plinio “Steelmaster” Gobbo

Plinio “Steelmaster” Gobbo

Disaster Prophet

Plinio Ernesto Gobbo was born on October 4th 1978 in the city of Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Being of Italian descent he started working at the early age of 9 in his father's fab shop fabricating machinery and steel works, he began playing drums at age 13, then graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree and began to merge his two passions, steel and music.

Plinio’s development in the drums has been purely self-taught with deep roots in the metal genre, he likes to characterize his playing as: “precise and solid” always using and mixing compositions + sequences from industrial sounds.

Thanks to his skills mixing “Metal Working” and “Metal Playing” he modifies his trap set studying the sound frequencies that he loves, that is the origin of his nickname “steelmaster” given by his friends and colleagues.

Always being linked to the music scene in his hometown, in 2007 he founded what is actually his current band, Disaster Prophet where he not only plays the drums but also composes and produces the band’s material.

Alongside his bandmate and bass player Juan Carlos Rondón, they work on recording, producing, editing and mastering all of the band’s material including all their promo videos @ “Dyna’s Lair” their own home studio.

Plinio’s musical influence is wide and includes but is not limited to: Pantera, Journey, Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory, Rush, White Zombie, Anthrax, Megadeth and Rammstein to name a few and on his playing style he closely follows what he likes to call his “spiritual mentors” including: Thomas Lang, Gene Hoglan, Raymond Herrera, Terry Bozzio, John Tempesta, Charlie Benante, Vinnie Paul and the late Tito Puente

Check out the “steelmaster” on his 1st Disaster Prophet album named: “Human Revolver” available on iTunes

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