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Pierre "Peezy" Bibbs

Pierre "Peezy" Bibbs

Pierre was born in Chicago IL, and grew up in Chicago land. At age twelve his father gave him his first pair of sticks. Pierre started playing in his youth group worship band. He traveled with his band, “Generation 4:8” to various churches in Chicago, and a church in Indiana. Pierre has played for Various Groups in St. Louis and Groups around St. Louis Christian College. He is currently a part of Jael, who is a Christian rock band from Queensland, Australia.

My style has a lot of funk, some gospel and some rock, it has some jazz, and even a little Latino. In any case Soultone just works.

Pierre's Influences: Longineu Parsons III (Yellowcard), Hernando Bibbs (Father), B-Wack (David Crowder Band), Steve Jordan, Dustin Ragland. (Charlie Hall), Will Kennedy, Danny Barragan (Motivo)


“Ever since I got my first pair of hi hats, people have started noticing their sound and complimenting me more on my drumming. Soultone has this sound, you don’t know how to describe it, but man it’s a great sound. Though I’m practically new to the drumming world I look forward to using Soultone as my cymbal of choice for many years to come.”