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Pierre Noghli

Pierre Noghli

Domara orchestra

Pierre’s fascination for drums began when he stumbled upon a drum catalog that belonged to his uncle Master Drummer Robert Noghli. It was then when he realized that he was destined to make music. It wasn’t until the age of ten when Pierre received his first blue 1960’s Slingerland drum set. His uncle Robert inspired him to play.

Over the years Pierre has taken on the rigorous task of musical director. Pierre has performed along with some of the finest Assyrian musicians and singers such as the late Sooren, Ashur Betsargis, Walter Aziz, Shamiram Urshan, Linda George, Sargon Gabriel and Ogin Betsamo.

In the mid 1980’s Pierre and Shahabal Shapare contributed to starting a band named “Black Cats” in the United States. Amongst the band members were David Bestamo, Brent Fischer, and Pyruz. Shortly after, Pierre moved on to perform in concerts with some of the greatest Persian, Armenian, and Greek Artists; the late Vigen, Hayedeh, Shaharam, Andy & Kouros, Ebi, and Moein.
In October of 2007, Pierre promoted and produced a concert bringing the renowned violinist Bijan Mortazavi to the Central Valley for the first time ever.
In August of 2008, he produced and directed the historical Assyrian concert “Mesopotamian Night” for the legendary artists Ashur Betsargis and Walter Aziz at the Gallo Center for the Arts in Modesto, California.
In October 24th 2009 Pierre produced and directed (Harmony of Two Rivers) a concert for ACERO at Gallo center for the Arts.

Over the past 30 years, Pierre has developed a dynamic and diverse style of drumming. He continues to devote his everlasting love to music by performing all around the world with his long time comrade Bijan Mortazavi.
Beyond the promoting, producing, directing, and touring, Pierre Noghli has built a solid successful business as a salon owner and hairstylist. On his past time, he thrives by riding his Harley Davidson or BMW motorcycles on endless trails.
Pierre’s ultímate passion is spending quality time with his one and only daughter Monique.

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