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Philipp Härtwig

Philipp Härtwig

My name is Philipp Härtwig (born 1983) and I live in the very north of Germany in a town called Rostock. Music was the center of my life ever since. After learning the piano I discovered my love for the drums in the age of 15 and started playing in several rock bands. Later on I studied traditional african drumming at the Odehe Centre in Ghana/Westafrica. By now I play in the Bands Mainpoint (Goth´n Roll) and Morpheme (Alternative). I work in different percussion projects, too. For a long time I was looking for cymbals, that can provide all the sounds, that I need for different bands, but was never really satisfied. When I tried Soultone the very first time on a set of a friend I knew that these are the cymbals that I was looking for.

Links to some projects:

photographer: Christian Thiele

My Soultone Set: 

14" Custom Brilliant Hi-Hat
6", 8", 10" Custom Brilliant Splashes
17", 18", 19" Extreme Crashes
18" Gospel Crash
18" Custom Brilliant China
18" FXO 6B3
21" Extreme or Custom Brilliant Ride