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Phi is a 21 year old musician/drummer and was raised in Melbourne Australia. Phi started drumming when he was 7 years of age, which means he's been drumming for 14 years now, his biggest influences are Kai (the GazettE), Tony Royster Jr, Dave Weckl and etc. He is currently in a band, which is called Chaser and they have been winning a lot of battle of the bands competitions around Melbourne. He likes to play different Genre’s such as Heavy Metal, Rock, RnB, Jazz, Jazz Fusion, J-Rock and etc. He is currently performing around Melbourne with his band and has had the opportunity to even tour Asia with his band (Chaser), Chaser has also had the opportunity to perform live on radio and television multiple times. Phi started off taking lessons when he was young and had teachers such as Elyan Fernova and Darryn Farrugia, He became addicted to timing and rhythm as all his teachers have taught him how to play drums with rhythm, timing, feeling, technique, passion and more, Phi has also played with various bands and at different venues around Australia. Phi's new Youtube channel is growing slowly and his videos are increasing in views, you can check out his channel here ( ), he said "A lot of hard work and editing goes into the videos I upload onto my channel". A lot of time is spent rehearsing the songs before he starts recording, he has worked hard to get the best possible equipment for his drum kit and the best possible sound out of them. Phi is now happy that he has become part of the Soultone Family and is proud to have the Soultone brand everywhere he goes which he could now rely on Soultone Cymbals to provide him with the best sounding cymbals possible. He is also endorsed by SONOR Drums and Vic Firth Drumsticks.

My Soultone Set: 

8" Custom Brilliant Splash
10" Custom Brilliant Splash
13" Gospel Hi-Hats
18" Custom Brilliant Crash
19" Custom Brilliant Crash
20" Custom Brilliant Crash
21" Gospel Ride
19" Custom Brilliant China
20" Custom Series China
15" FXO 12
7" Bronze Bell