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Peerawich Hruvijitpong

Peerawich Hruvijitpong

Peerawich Hruvijitpong, born August 08, 1985 in Bangkok, Thailand. At the age of 9 I discovered in myself desire to play the drums started taking lessons at 10 until 16 years of age. I have won music awards with respect given to my performance in high school and University and received the best drummer of the year in those competition. I have played at the nightclub in downtown of Bangkok 6 days per week until I moved to the US. I received a huge opportunity to perform at AT&T park (Giant Stadium) in San Francisco, Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles. I have been playing the drum at nightclub in Los Angeles. I am very proud that I am a part of Soultone’s family to represent good cymbals in the world

My Soultone Set: 

20" Ride "Extreme"
18" Crash "Custom"
14" Hi Hats "Natural Prototype"

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