PETER "El Pulpo"

Pedro Miguel Rodriguez Quintero was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on March 1, 1985. He is a renowned Venezuelan drummer, percussionist, producer and composer.

Currently, he is drummer and Musical director for Bahiano (ex-vocalist of the group Los Pericos), in the USA Band. (EE. UU.)

He was the founder of the renowned reggae band Jampska, in the 2000s project that positions him as a pioneer in that genre in Venezuela.

With Jampska, Rodríguez achieves great national and international projection, thanks to the recording of his first album in the city of Caracas, at the Rock and Folk studios and Mantra Studios, a musical production that would later be mixed on the island of Jamaica in Anchor Studios. Highlighting in this album the song La playita Ft 4th power where Pedro Rodríguez participates as a composer and arranger.

Among the most significant contributions of Peter "El Pulpo" as leader of the reggae genre in eastern Venezuela, his work as producer and organizer of the I&I Reggae Fest Festival stands out, a project he promoted together with other businessmen from the medium.

The renowned I&I Reggae Fest Festival has served as the stage for the participation of prominent national and international artists, such as the famous Argentine singer Fidel Nadal, with El Pulpo being the drummer and musical director of the Nadal band, as well as accompanying him on his tour of Venezuela .

Peter "El Pulpo" also had the honor of being an announcer and producer of the first radio program dedicated exclusively to the promotion of reagge music in Venezuela, through the Ultra Stereo 104.9 FM station, located in the state of Anzoátegui.

In his studies he has a stint at the University Institute of Musical Studies (IUDEM), in the city of Caracas, in the period 2006-2007, thus preparing his academic training in extension courses such as drums, rhythm and Latin and Afro-Caribbean percussion

In 2016 he signed his first sponsorship in the United States with the American company Cympad (Optimizers) Three years later, in 2019 he would achieve his second signature, this time with the company Soultonecymbals.

El Pulpo was part of the Society of Authors and Composers of Venezuela (Sacven) until 2018, before joining Broadcast Music, Inc (BMI) in the United States.

For four consecutive years, the musical talent of "El Pulpo" Rodríguez was recognized by the Mara de Oro Foundation of Venezuela, an organization that awarded him the Mara de Oro 2016 as Venezuelan drummer for international revelation, Golden Button 2015 in recognition of talent, Gold Button 2018 in recognition of talent and Mara de Platino 2019 for his 20 years of experience as a drummer of great international projection.

Currently, Peter "El Pulpo" lives in the city of Miami, from where he continues his successful professional career, recording and producing as a member of the American bands Inna Sense and Bachaco, groups with which he has participated in major Musical festivals and cultural, among them the "Miami Beach Reggae Fest" in addition to tours throughout the American territory where more than 33 states stand out in which "El pulpo" has demonstrated his talent before large crowds and concerts in that country, which has made him brought to share stages with great international artists such as: Cultura Profetica, (Puerto Rico); Los Cafres, (Argentna); Gondwana (Chile), Los Rabanes (Panama); Stephen Marley, (Jamaica); Buju Banton, (Jamaica,) among others.

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