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Pavel Ponomarev

Pavel Ponomarev

Independent artist

Pavel Ponomarev is a professional session/studio drummer and drum teacher.
Owner and founder of drum school ‘Drum Is Fun’ (Sochi, Russia)
Finalist ‘Drummers United-2019’ (Moscow, Russia)
Drum Teacher in ‘Sochi College Of Arts’ (Sochi, Russia)

Nowadays Pavel take a place in 130 shows in a year. Including TV appearances, Gigs, Festivals with many artists. In the last couple of years, Pavel did master-classes and clinics.

"Soultone Cymbals gives me many new opportunities with the sound I was looking for." ©

Pavel, born in Donetsk (Ukraine) in 1988. Graduated S. Prokofiev Donetsk State Academy Of Music. He went through all different types and styles including Jazz, Funk, Latin, Big Band, etc. During his student years was a traineeship in Krakòw (Poland), then worked in Donetsk City Orchestra.
At that time Pavel was playing with many Tribute-bands such as Queen, Muse, 30 Seconds To Mars, Placebo, Limp Bizkit, etc.

In 2015 moved to Sochi, Russia where starts to work as a solo artist with his own Drum Show, with pop, jazz, and rock Cover-bands and with Sochi Philharmonic Orchestra “Russian Souvenir”.

In 2019 started to collaborate with Agner Drumsticks in a partnership program.

In 2020 was endorsed by Soultone Cymbals.

In 2021 was endorsed by Agner Drumsticks.

Current drum contests results:
2008-2009 participant ‘MuzTorg Cup’ (Donetsk)
2011 Finalist ‘Rolland V-Drums’ (Kiev)
2018 The Grand Prix ‘Grand Music Of The Black Sea’ (Sochi)
2019 Finalist ‘Drummers United 2019’ (Moscow)

"Soultone Cymbals have their own style, taste and the sound I was looking for.
Soultone Cymbals are very universal And I really appreciate it. No matter the style of music, stage size, and band size, they work great in any situation. They are moderately soft, very responsive, and excellent controlled.
It’s a very wise choice. Soultone Cymbals have a really deep understanding of what all drummers need.
Soultone Cymbals Artist Relations are brilliant!
They really hit a home run there. I can count on high-quality and quick help in any issue every time." ©

My Soultone Set: 

21" Natural Ride
18" Natural/Heavy Hammered Crash
10" FXO 5
18” Heavy Hammered Crash
18" Gospel Crash
14" Heavy Hammered Hi-Hat