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Paul Napierskie

Paul Napierskie

Mark Chapman Band/The Coventry Sacrifice/Southern Green/The Boondocks

Paul has been performing, since a very early age. Lessons began, around age 12. Private tutoring, from Jim Wicks(Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.) Advanced percussive studies, in College and Music Theory I-IV (Dr. Warren, Dr. Mayfield.)

Influences include: Max Roach, Jeff Porcaro, Neil Peart, Matt Cameron, Philly Jo Jones, Dave Weckl, Michael Warren.


DW Collector's Series Champagne Glass. 18x18 kick, 10x8 Tom, 12x10 Tom and 14x16 floor tom. All maple.
PDP Green Metallic Sparkle. 22x18 kick, 8x7 tom, 10x8 tom, 12x10 tom, 14x14 floor tom and 16x16 floor tom. All maple.
Snares:14x6.5 DW Brass, 12x5 PorkPie black satin and PDP 14x5.5 green metallic sparkle.

Cymbals: Soultone!

“Soultone Cymbals are the perfect compliment to my drum sound, they are everything I want in a cymbal.” “Thank you, to Iki and all the Staff, at Soultone, for crafting such unique instruments.”

My Soultone Set: 

19" FXO