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Paul Hendrickson

Paul Hendrickson

Hey, what’s up! My name is Paul Hendrickson. I play drums for a Metal band called The Atlas Collapse, out of Manchester, NH.

I enjoy playing with my bandmates because they have become accustomed to my somewhat unconventional style over the last few years, and let me really explore my options with the parts I write. We really try to find a balance between technical elements, melodic elements, and overall heaviness, in the music we write. The band formed in late 2008, and after a recent temporary split, is now back together in 2011 and going strong!

I began playing drums when I was 16 (and continue to thank my parents for putting up with it, to this day). I found an immediate love in the raw passion and aggression associated with drumming, and found it to be almost instinctive. From the first time I got to sit behind my own drum kit, I’ve never had any doubt that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

This passionate style of playing has sculpted my unconventional, extremely aggressive style. I’ve become most known for the energy and almost violent aggression I put into performing, and the unique parts it helps me come up with.

In my early years, I found a deep love for the improvisational elements of jazz. I became fascinated with the concept of letting the music speak to you, and having a conversation with it through instinctive, improvisational playing. While finding so much enjoyment in the depth of jazz, I also found that I became addicted to the sheer aggression and passion of hardcore punk rock. I found an energy in it that felt like it was something I had been looking for, for years.

As the years went by, I began to combine the two styles I had adopted, in an effort to create something I had never heard before. In the time since, my style of play has continued to become more aggressive and high-energy, and I have no plans to stop experimenting and finding new reasons to love what I do. More recently, my playstyle has been focused more on the heavy side of rhythm with a more subtle emphasis on the technical elements.

I found Soultone Cymbals through an amazing drummer, and friend, another Soultone artist by the name of Sam Hang. He had just gotten his first order, and when I heard them, I was absolutely blown away. I’ve spent years trying to find the perfect cymbals for myself; as such an aggressive player, a cymbal that isn't absolutely perfect can overshadow a whole part.

I had never found a set that really just sang to me, until the Soultones. They were loud, but not too loud. Bright, but not abrasive. The day after I heard them for the first time, I started researching the cost to re-cymbal my entire kit, and sold the Zildjian Ks I had been using to pay for my first order without thinking twice about it. Since then, I have only grown more attached to these cymbals, combined with the friendly service from Iki and the rest of the company.

I’m currently playing a full set of Custom Brilliants, and have never heard another set of cymbals that compare. With my style of play, it becomes easy for cymbals to become overwhelming, and in the Soultone Custom Brilliants, I find that rapid definition that I have always been looking for. I couldn’t recommend these cymbals enough, and fully expect to see them as an industry standard within the next few years. I can't thank Iki and the rest of the Soultone staff enough, for their help and support. I'll be a loyal customer for a long time coming.