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Paul Goldberg first started playing the drumset to "The Beatles" & "The Rolling Stones", and Motown music at age eight. He first studied drumming by reading snare drum and drumset (at age nine) w/ South Jersey Jazz great "Don Hirsh" for four years. By eighth grade (age thirteen), Paul was studying with award winning drumline monster "Doug Laughlin." Doug turned Paul onto "Inner Mounting Flame, Birds of Fire, and From Nothingness to Eternity" by "The Mahavishnu Orchestra", which featured Billy Cobham ... "Tony Williams w/ Miles Davis", & "The Tony Williams Lifetime" ... "Elvin Jones w/ John Coltrane", & Elvin's solo stuff, and "John Bonham w/ Led Zeppelin" ETC. Paul was really inspired to play drums. So he went with his great dad Carl, and his new teacher Doug to "The Professional Percussion Center" in NYC. (Paul said "Elvin Jones was actually there at the shop "hangin' out, and feelin' no pain.") Paul shook Elvin's hand, and said to him ..."Mr. Jones, I'm gettin' a Gretsch Kit today". Elvin said ... "AHHHH! YEAH MAN!". Paul was gettin' his first "REAL" drumset, a blonde maple GRETSCH kit (like Tony Williams & Elvin Jones had, and Billy Cobham too.)

When Paul got back home to South Jersey later that day, he set'm all up, and was sheddin' that badass drumkit every day. He was addicted to that "great Gretsch tone" from day one. He also just started freshman year at "Atlantic City High School," (THE OLD SCHOOL), and he joined the marching band, to get his rudimental chops together. "Bob Manning" was the lead snare drummer at that time), and Bob wrote the funkyest, stinkiest, cadences Paul ever heard. Paul said "It was like Africa, Cuba, & Puerto Rico in a blender, BUT, for marching band." After months of marching band, & studying w/ Doug, Paul's "chops" were gettin' real good. By sophmore year, Paul decided to just go home after school (instead of marching in a foot of snow every day), and just practice on his new Gretsch drumset. He was relentless about it. (Paul Thanks his parents for tolerating that.) At the same time, he also played nightly with a band called "Inicial Concept," which played all originals. (The band had a great bassist named Frank Borino, & a great sax/flute player named KoKo Ray Hansen.) He stayed with the band for about a year, then Paul joined a new band w/ some other monster players. Paul named it "Wildlife," after a Tony Williams tune. The band covered Zappa, ELP, YES, Billy Cobham, Tony Williams, ETC, and they played to standing room only crowds at high schools, churches, VFW's, ETC. Paul said "All our friends were so supportive, and we were more that happy to play for them. They loved us / We loved them."

After graduating high school, Paul wanted to really get good, so he audtioned for, and got the audition to "The Philadelphia College of Performing Arts." He studied w/ the percussionists from The Philly Orchestra. Paul got his legit classical chops together, and he also played drumset in the jazz ensembles as well (for four years.) That was great for his chart reading. Paul was becoming a "well rounded" musician. The college required an academic, so Paul minored in psychology, while majoring in Drums/Percussion. After four years, he graduated with a Bachlor of Music in Drums/Percussion.

Then immediatly after graduating, he went on the road w/ a bunch of bands for three years, until he landed the drum chair in a production show in Atlantic City, NJ. for three years straight. Then, after that long run, our showroom went to taped music, and every other casino did the same as well. The town eventually died musically. Paul said "It was a great move that my wife and I moved to Los Angeles when we did." I've been in the trenches in LA ever since.

> Paul's done numerous sessions, and to name a few Film & TV shows that I've recorded on are ... The opening theme songs to "Amy Poehler's Parks & Recreation, & American Dreams." The episode music to Drew Carey Show, Girlfriends, House, Rush Hour II, Nutty Professor II (his tracks feature Eddie Murphy on vocals), and "Poseidon," and his tracks feature "Fergie" (from The Black Eyed Peas on vocals). There's an on camera fake along in "Along Came Polly," and it features comic genius "Jeffrey Ross" as the band leader.) Other comedians I've played with include Jerry Seinfeld, Chevy Chase, Paul Riser, & Rita Rudner.

Paul says "In the LA trenches, learn thousands of tunes, and many different styles of playing ... This helps tremendously when you go on a session, and you have to make it happen right on the spot. Sometimes it's one run through, and they roll tape, and usually, the first takes are the best. You don't always have to "rub it into the ground" to make it great. How you react to the music, the first few takes, That is usually better.

A few great songwriter and/or artists Paul's played with include P.F. Sloan, Terry Reid, Jan Berry, Terry Black, Gerry Goffin (who was Carol King's writing partner), The Manhattans, Edwin Hawkins singers, Peggi Blu & Ted Perlman, "Tom Petty" (Live at The malibu Inn, which was recorded.) Paul said "he couldn't believe that Tom Petty (who would "sit in" with their band, not only knew, but could sing all the old classic blues stuff from heart. Paul said "Tom Petty is a walking history badass, great songwriter and musician" (not to mention the nicest guy he ever met.)

Soultone Cymbals are the bomb! Thanks to Iki Levy and Tomer for all their help! These cymbals changed my life, just in the same way that those Gretsch Drums did!

> Check out Paul's drum solo, currently up on the site now. Soon Soultone will add a collage of tunes that will feature Paul's rhythm section skills ... It will feature "The Eagles Christian Mostert" (on sax), and also great composer / arranger / guitarist "Craig Sharmatt."

So try any "SOULTONE CYMBAL"... you'll be hooked!