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Paul Dudek

Paul Dudek

Chasing Neon

I have been a drummer for over 40 years and have literally played every genre of music and have used most major brands of cymbals and drums. I started in a rock-a-billy band, switched to country/rock, switched to rock/metal, switched back to country, and played some pop and R&B in there as well. I am currently enjoying the versatility of music with Chasing Neon, and on Facebook at chasingneonband, a party band with a purpose!

I chose Soultone because of the washy tones I could get that I couldn't get with most other brands. I love the attack and the short wash. I'm a cymbal guy, I love to play cymbals, and the Custom Series set allows me to play them without being buried in the mix. I am very happy to endorse these cymbals and look forward to working with Soultone for many years to come.

My Soultone Set: 

21" Custom Ride
20" Custom Crash
18" Custom Crash
13" Custom Hi Hats