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What a blast ive been having in the space of a year... i've secured a sponcership with silverfox drumsticks, released the 5 way split with 4 other uk death metal bands, on condate records, (that got exellent ratings with my soultone cymbals crashing away on that (-: ), toured a good bit near the end of 2011 taking in countries, england, wales and ireland.

Then in early 2012 toured scotland, england and wales again to play some headline shows, Then it was over to finland to tour there for a few gigs, what an awseome time that was.

Just at the end of april/ start of May we toured with prostitute disfigurement, desecration and basment tourture killings, in Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bristol and London.

Now at the start of May 2012 I am currently in preperation for recording our full length album, so keep an eye out for updates as we start on that.

Cancerous Womb are a very active band which plays live as often as possible. Since our formation in 2008 we have been gathering a steady following as we have played all over the UK with a couple of gigs in Denmark in 2009, and a small healine tour in Finland 2012 and on top of that we have also played a few mini tours, as well as our own 2 week UK tour, supported bands such as Prostitute Disfigurement, Desecration, Man Must Die, Amputated and Incantation to name a few.

Early in 2010 we recorded a 3 track demo that came out to very good reviews ( has had some airtime play on internet radio stations. We give this demo away for free online at and at our gigs. In 2010 we gave away 2000+ demos on the road.

May 2011 we recorded 2 new tracks and have a live track for a five way spilt EP, being released by Condate Records with a tour being that happend June with all the bands in support of the EP.

2011/12 having toured quite a bit taking in countries scotland, england, wales, Ireland and Finland, we are now preparing to record our full length album, so keep an eye out for updates on that and we shall hopefully see some of you on the road in support of this!



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