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Patricio "Pato" Mendez

Patricio "Pato" Mendez

Pato Mendez was born inTampico Mexico and began playing drums at age 15. For the next 8 years, Mendez began his formal percussion study and progressed quickly under the tutelage of Dr. Evaristo Aguilar, Professor of Percussion at University of Tamaulipas (UAT) as well as additional music faculty including Master Carlos Salas and Narciso Barragan. While studying at UAT, Mendez participated each year in the PERCUSONIDOS International Percussion Festival and collaborated with renown percussionists/drummers including Zoro, James Campbell, John Riley,Gary Chaffee, Vera Figueiredo,Anders Astrand, Ney Rosauro, Memo Acevedo and Caixa Trio.
Mendez also attended numerous workshops by acclaimed percussionists/drummers Luis Conte, Antonio Sanchez, Akira Jimbo, and Victor Loyo.
In 2011, Mendez traveled to the United States as the result of an invitation to study percussion at the University of Tennessee at Martin (UTM), Dr Julie Hill Associate Professor of Music. While at UTM, Mendez studied Percussion Pedagogy with a focus on Marching Band Procedures and Rudimental Percussion training. During his residency at UTM, Mendez presented 2 masterclasses demonstrating the orchestration of Latin based rhythms on drum set.

Mendez is currently working as an instructor of Brazilian music and Online drum lessons, also performing as the drummer/percussionist for Party Time Show, one of Tampico's most recognized music groups.

Pato Mendez is a proud endorser of Soultone Cymbals.

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