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Pablo Mena Palacios

Pablo Mena Palacios

He was born the 26th of June of 1984 in General Las Heras, Buenos Aires province in Argentina. He started reading music and studying guitar at the age of 9 with his mother Aída Mabel Palacios who was a professional classical guitar player. She was a graduate from The “Conservatorio Ibero – Americano”, a classical school of music, in San Miguel, Buenos Aires province in Argentina.

He sat for the very first time in his first drum set at the age of 13, and started studying the basics reading some method books from national artists. At this time he joined his first band JAQUE and played in it all his youth, going through several music styles such as rock and roll, blues, hard rock, heavy metal, fusion rock (in that order) under the influences of National and International bands such as “Pescado Rabioso”, “Pappo”, “Rata Blanca”, “Deep Purple”, “Yngwie Malmsteen”, “Ac/Dc”, “Iron Maiden”, “Steve Vai”, “Joe Satriani”, “Queen”, “White Snake”. In 2000, with this band was finalist in several music contests in Argentina and in 2001 recorded his first single album with 10 tracks of hard rock and heavy music named JAQUE.

In 2002, at the age of 19, he started studying Sound and Recording Engineering in the “National University of Lanús”.

In 2003 joined SERES, a progressive fusion rock band under the influences of “Kim Crimson”, “Liquid Tension” and national artist, “Spinetta”, “Kamikaze”.

This same year he started studying drums with Marcelo Blanco (walter malosetti drummer, and jazz session drummer).

In 2004 he joined TRES, a tribute band, playing versioned songs of national artist such as “Charly García”, “Fito Páez”, “Divididos”, “Spinetta”, “Enanitos Verdes”, “Abuelos de la nada”.

He finished his sound and recording studies, and in 2006 began his professional career with his first own sound and lighting firm “PUNTAH PRODUCCIONES” for live performances.

In 2007 started building his own recording studio in General Las Heras.

This year he studies with Ariel Viale y joined two reggae bands, “ABRIENDO PUERTAS” first, and then “MIL MENTES”, under the influences of “Bob Marley”, “Peter Tosh”, “UB40”, “Steel Pulse”, “Alpha Blondi” and national artists “Los Pericos”, “Cafres”, “Nonpalidece”, “Riddim”.

In 2008 he opened PUNTAH RECORDS Recording Studio and started working with local musicians.

In 2010 he studied drums with the well known jazz player Carlos Riganti (Aznar, sessionist, Alas), and also percussion techniques with Nicolas Arroyo (Bahiano, Suna Rocha). This same year joined HIJOS del HIJO going in a national tour playing side by side with “La Mississippi Band” and “El choque Urbano”, closing the year playing in “La Trastienda” in Capital Federal.

In 2011 started studying the drummer career in SADEM (national musician’s society) in Capital Federal. This same year open his drums school for beginners in General Las Heras and joined LOS GUALBERTOS rock and funk rock band, and as a session playing live and recording in several projects such as BETO GOROZURRETA (national folklore music), LAUTARO HEREDIA (folklore fusion). In this case he has the opportunity of playing with Lautaro’s Father VICTOR HEREDIA in General Las Heras. He also joined DANIELA HEREDIA solo project as a percussionist, INFUSION acoustic quartet playing versions of classical rock, funk and candombe songs from Argentina and Uruguay, with this last band he recorded and produced a 4 track single in PUNTAH RECORDS. The influences of this project are “Charly Garcia”, “Spinetta”, “Fito Paez”, “Jorge Drexler”, “Miguel Mateos”, “Abuelos de la nada”, “Rubén Rada”, “The Beatles”, “The Police”, “White Snake”. And for the last he has joined an acoustic duet named LOS MIGUELES.

Now he continue working as a session musician with all the last named artists, recording and producing local artists in PUNTAH RECORDS, he has expanded with his school to Navarro (next door city) and continue studying in SADEM and take candombe percussion lessons.

Influences: Ian Paice, Roger Taylor, Phil Collins, Denis Chambers, Greg Bissonette, John Bonhan, Anders Johansson, Oscar Guinta, Ben Riley, Osvaldo Fattoruso, Mariano Cantero, Pat Metheny, The Police, Deep Purple, Liquid Tension, Thelonius Monk, Ruben Rada, Javier Malosetti, Aca Seca Trio, etc.

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