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Ozzy OzBone

Ozzy OzBone


First a dog used it’s mouth to pick up a stick. Then two sticks. Ten thousand years later, one dog took those sticks and started to drum. It’s called evolution. OK thanks Darwin, but we call it OzVolution. Ozzy OzBone is not only the premier canine drummer in the universe, but also slams harder, with more precision and fury than 99.9% of humans.

No one knows what Ozzy OzBone was doing before joining kids’ metal band SLAY DUGGEE. He just arrived one day with a mission - to teach kids all about blast beats, killer heel-claw double kick ferocity, why they should stay hydrated, and always practice their rudiments.

Ozzy tours with SLAY DUGGEE, blowing away young kids at their first live metal shows. Inspiring the next generation of kickass metal drummers. Woof!

My Soultone Set: 

5" Bronze Bell
7" Bronze Bell
14" Natural China
18" Explosion China
12" Natural Hi-Hat Pair
15" Gospel Hi Hat Pair
6" Gospel Splash
8" Extreme Splash
14" Gospel Crash
16" Extreme Crash
19" Extreme Crash
20" Gospel Mega Bell Ride

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