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Olivier Pleyers

Olivier Pleyers

Olivier Pleyers is born in Liège (Belgium) in August 1991. At age 6, his parents enroll him in a school year of musical awakening at the Dalhem Academy, but he refuses to continue.

In fact, he discovers music quite later in his life, it is when he turns 11 years old that he tries an old drumset that his dad brings him. One day, while playing, Léon Paulus (previous drummer in a famous local band) notices him and tells him that he is born to be a drummer.

In 2004, Olivier enters the "Royal Garde Saint Jean" Harmony in Herve where he learns the snare drum mainly by ear. He will stay in the school for two years, and eventually performs for the first time with his first band, the Robinsons, band that included his brother. He is 13 years old at the time.

In September of 2005, he begins his musical studies at the Cesar Franck Academy in Visé and learns solfeggio from professors Michel Flamand and Geneviève Chapellier.

In 2006, he is accepted in the percussion class of professor Ludovic Cutaia and advances rather quickly to the superior level. He learns improvisation which will allow him to perform in diverse performances at the academy.

In 2007, he becomes a member for the band "Korvaustaches". That same year, he participates in his very first voice competition, the "Enfantilum" competition, in which he reaches the final, performing "Et un jour une femme", a song from french singer Florent Pagny.

In 2008, he works on his drum and keyboard skills with Georges Ernotte and Sabine Neuforge. He joins an instrumental ensemble named the "Monan Ménétriers" within the Visé academy in which he will only stay for one year.

In 2009, he creates the band "fly by night". In March, he reaches once again the final of the "Enfantilum" voice competition singing "the Black Eagle" from singer Barbara. That same year, he joins the rock band "Strike Minds" who will become the following year "off-line with the arrival of Roberto Bellarosa (finalist of The Voice Belgium, 2012). He will perform a hundred concerts over a period of 5 years during which he will be seen on stages such as "Nuits Rouges" in Haneffe, Vibration Festival in Malmedy, the Bellarosa scene in Hannut, the Fêtes de la musique in Wanze, and the Fiesta city festival in Verviers. He briefly appears on stage with Bj Scott.

That same year, in 2009, he passes the entrance exam and starts his studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels where he will study percussion for 2 years with Louison Renault and Pierre Quiriny.

During his musical studies, he replaces percussionists in various ensembles such as the Royal Saint Martin Harmony, the Hombourg Musical Union, ULG Got Talent at the Liege Trocadero, "Last Men Alive" (a celtic rock band), and will play for Sébastien Jurczys, etc. In 2015, he creates the "Friends Music Show", a pop orchestra who will perform with Stephan Lautier, Priscillia Forthomme and Nora Volon. Currently, he works in a studio and teaches marketing.


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