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Oliver Leicher

Oliver Leicher

Optimus Drums

Born in 1982, i started doing first steps in playing drums at the age of 4. First i used pots in my grandma's kitchen but i got my first drumkit quickly as my talent was discovered.
I continiued playing drums at school and practiced a lot at home playing to songs from Michael Jackson and Police - Limp Bizkit, Blink 182, System of a Down later.
After playing in various Bands in my hometown, i started playing Solo with Djs in Clubs. Its a lot of fun playing impulsively to a Dj's liveset. I dont know, what song comes next and had to feel possible breaks/pauses. I had the idea of doing this a long time ago. I love the sound of acoustic drums in house/electro/hiphop music. I'm always looking for new challenges. Lately i started playing drums with rapper/MC's and started a Metal-Project..

In 2014 i started teaching Drums on a local musicschool - 2016 i became self-imployed as a Drumteacher and professional Drummer. Since October 2016 i am supported by Soultone Cymbals as well.
Music clips and more live shows are next on the list !

My Soultone Set: 

15“ Custom Brilliant Crash
15“ FXO 12
8“ Natural Splash
10“ Natural Splash
16“ FXO B6
12“ FXO B6
17“ Gospel Crash
22“ Natural Ride
18“ Hammered Brilliant Crash
17“ Natural China