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Ociel Omar Saenz aka Oz

Ociel Omar Saenz aka Oz

- Born 3/15/88 in Monterrey, MX
- Began informal studies in Granger, Washington (shout out G Town class of '06)
- Currently residing and performing in Southmost Texas (RGV) for various artists / venues
- Active projects include:
The Dirty Birdies (Alternative top 40s)
The Undeclared (Alt Rock / Alt Pop)
The Timebombs (Contemporary Rock)

- In affiliation with:
The Starlight Quartet (Uptown Top 40s)
Tr3n (Latin/Rock)
Arzalez (Latin Pop)

- Previous projects (from most current):
The League (Trap/Hip Hop/R&B)
Chelsea B and the Bellatones (Pop/Dance)
Circo H Vazquez '15 and '16 (various)
Cuntry Trash (Country/Honky Tonk)
Boom / Scratch (Hip Hop/Funk)
Ekos (Electronic/Hip Hop)
Phil and the Harmonics (Psychadelic/Exp)
Rukus (Rock/Metal)
[ABCDE] (Contemporary Pop)
Against the Grain (Prog Rock)
In Case of Emergency (Punk/Pop)
Altarcall (Spanish Gospel)


My Soultone Set: 

14" Old School Patina Hats
6" Gospel Splash
15" Extreme Crash
20" Gospel Crash
22" Jerohn Garnett Ride