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Noel Kunz

Noel Kunz

Andrew Sapin, The Absent Trio, Uncle Ted & The Boots

With a background in both Jazz and Rudimental under the direction of Jeff Queen (Blast!), Jay Webb (WGI Hall of Fame), and Bob Burns (Avon High School Music Director), Noel Kunz was always taught that the drummer who can keep the beat will always get the job over the fancy one. While not the most naturally talented, it’s the work ethic that gets Noel going.
From the earliest days of drumming, marching for the Avon High School Performance Ensemble and taking home both a Silver and Bronze medal at the WGI World Championships, Noel has always lived by the notion that music is always bigger than just one person. Personal accomplishments include the 2006 Silver Medal Snare Solo in Indiana, to his favorite achievement, making it to the Top 15 at the 2018 Blue Man Group Drum-Off, but it was always about more than just himself. It’s about the people who supported him, his parents who put him through private lessons, the instructors, and EVERY influence he’s had from Chick Webb to Tommy Igoe. Music is more than just the individual.
Noel now plays with the Penguin Entertainment Agency in Orlando, Florida and plays full time at Disney World for Andrew Sapin, as well as other bands like The Absent Trio and Uncle Ted & The Boots. His goal is to always uplift others as a team, and to always play his part when it comes to the music. With endorsements from Vratim Shoes and Collision Drumsticks, Noel is always looking to grow as an artist, which is why Soultone is a perfect fit.

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