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Nir Leberstein

Nir Leberstein

Nir was born on the 4th of November 1993 in Hadera, Israel; he actually started out in African Percussion during his long hours in school, and picked up the drum set only at the age of 14 - clearly, it was a match made in heaven.

Since then, Nir has already played as a drummer on most of the best and desired stages in Israel.

Currently Nir plays at a couple of bands: "Design Flaw", a locally based thrash metal/metal core band that is performing as much as possible, and now recording its debut EP "The Long Lost Home", hoping to get signed and to move on to bigger, international stages; and "Separation Anxiety", an atmospheric death metal band, that is in the final stages of its debut album "Winds of Apocalipse".

On November 18th 2010 Nir was hospitalized due to a blood clot found in his left leg. Ever since, he is being under medical supervision, treated and taken care for, and offcourse never leaving the drums, always playing and improving.

There is still there no answer to Nir's condition - it's a medical mystery. If you'll choose to assume that it is from rocking to hard - well, we can't blame you: only a week after being discharged, Nir headed into the studio to record "Design Flaw" first single, "Choke Job".