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Nigel Weaver

Nigel Weaver

The Drumming bug was caught by Nigel late in life, but he has made up for the late start by making

sure he achieves the most he can in every day whilst practicing his playing.

He enjoys playing all types of music and grooves, Latin, metal, rock, and funk to name just a few. If

he is not competent with a piece it will be practised and practised until it’s of a presentable


Music plays a huge part in Nigel’s life, the more the merrier. In listening to as much music as possible

his knowledge of the groove and inspiration gets greater.

The Variants ‘is his first band and the vast variety of songs they play (in excess of 100) means that

Nigel needs to be on task, not only with the sounds (The Variants are a covers band), but with the

many styles of music they play.

“I have read many articles by famous drummers like Tommy Lee for example, where they mention

that you have to be a showman. This to me is important. The drum skills I have may not be world

class but when people come to see my band they will leave having enjoyed the music and the

enjoyment we have is reflected in the performance we give.”

“I have been very fortunate to be taught by one of the U.K’s best tutors/clinicians. Jon Broberg. My

late introduction to the pleasure of drumming has been heightened and accelerated by Jon. My 3-4

years experience is in my opinion, equal to 5-10 years in the real world. The sheer joy I have

experienced by gigging around the U.K is irreplaceable.”

“Like most drummers I have played several makes of cymbals. The anticipation of opening my

delivery of my ‘Soul Tone’ Latin ride , crash , hi-hats made the experience feel like Christmas

morning, but when I had my first play, it made drumming a more enjoyable , if possible , part of my


“The sound was rich, warm and very mellow. I could see a new angle to my playing opening up

before my eyes.”

Nigel ‘s Soul Tone cymbal set up –

Ride -20” Latin prototype ride.

Crash-16” Latin prototype crash.

Hi-Hats-14” Latin prototype hi-hats.

My Soultone Set: 

Ride -20” Latin prototype ride.
Crash-16” Latin prototype crash.
Hi-Hats-14” Latin prototype hi-hats.